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Macgregor Hall 

Macgregor Hall 


I have worked in the financial advice industry for 35 years now. In fact, I was hired at my first financial services job at the Crabbe-Huson Company on October 19th 1987 on the day of the biggest one-day drop (22%) in market history. I like to say, I started at the bottom. I was able to successfully navigate the markets for the next 35 years and enjoyed one of the longest bull markets in history. Through the years I helped many companies and thousands of employees become more financially secure. I always remember though, that no matter how clever or experienced we think we are, the market is usually smarter.

“Don’t confuse brains with a bull market” are words I live by.

I grew up in Portland, OR where my family has lived for five generations. Graduating from University of Oregon with a Degree in Finance, I later went on to take advanced finance courses at Wharton College, receiving my CIMA designation in 1998. While Attending U of O I met the woman who would become my wife and mother of my 3 children, which we raised together for 30+ years. Family is very important to me and I take pride in being a supportive, involved father and now Grandfather to my Granddaughter. As a life-long active outdoors enthusiast I enjoy riding Motorcycles and bicycles with friends, Skiing, Golf, Hiking, Travel, and going on yearly Horseback riding trips with Skyline Trail Riders. I have a passion for nature and enjoy giving back to the community through Friends of the Columbia Gorge and supporting many non-profit organizations via Donations through Deschutes.

As a financial advisor I feel fortunate to have found a career where I am interacting with other professionals and clients, to help people find solutions to one of life’s most vexing challenges, which is having enough money to retire. In the early part of my career, I helped a company introduce one of the 1st 401k plans and I was hooked. These plans which have become the primary savings vehicle for Americans are all about individuals saving and investing for themselves. This need to be better informed about personal finances introduced a perfect opportunity for me to provide knowledge, experience, and advice to thousands of participants in 401k plans. It also created the purpose and mission behind Deschutes Investment Consulting (DIC) and my life’s work. I am proud to say that I have made a difference to many people over the years and helped them retire more successfully and with confidence.

Today, I continue in my role as CEO and Founder of Deschutes investment Consultants along with my team of associates and partners to help hundreds of corporations and thousands of individuals with holistic financial advice. Deschutes is a tremendously focused retirement consulting team helping individuals and families manage their financial lives from early career to retirement and beyond. It is very satisfying to see this company grow and make my original goal of helping people retire more successfully a reality.