Retirement Plan Consulting

Collaborate Creatively. Retire Confidently.

Retirement plan sponsors have a lot on their plates. Deschutes Investment Consulting helps you understand and balance the sometimes competing needs and requirements of your plan.


Caring About What You Care About.

A successful retirement doesn’t happen all by itself. Are you positioning your employees for success? Our goals-based approach helps you evaluate your overall plan design and determine whether it is delivering what your plan participants need to achieve their goals. If not, we’ll help you chart a course toward their success.

The Deschutes team can work with you to evaluate and manage other key areas of concern, like plan investments and custodial platform utilization. We’ll help you understand plan costs and ensure they are reasonable—a key legal responsibility borne by plan fiduciaries.

Taking the Weight Off of Your Shoulders.

At Deschutes Investment Consulting, we want to make it easier for you to manage your plan. That’s why our service model is designed to move much of the work of operating a plan from your shoulders to ours. Your benefits and finance staff save time, and you can be confident that your plan is handled professionally and competently—always with an eye toward controlling risk and protecting the company and the plan committee from fiduciary liability. Our proven processes document all plan decisions and actions, helping you comply with Department of Labor and IRS rules. We will help you cross the t’s and dot the i’s. Your team can concentrate on running your business, instead of your retirement plan.

Educating Employees About the Possibilities.

Employees who are financially stressed are so focused on today that they can’t think about tomorrow. Considering overall financial wellness in employee education and advice may give your workforce a higher degree of financial health which can lead to all kinds of good things. Financial well-being has been shown to enhance employee engagement and productivity, and prevent the negative effects of financial stress on company performance. Some studies have shown it can even improve physical health, which could in turn lead to lower health care, workers compensation and other employment-related costs.

Our education and advice initiatives are customized to your workforce and address the issues they care about. From budgeting to college planning, our advice team is on your side in supporting your employees throughout the stages of their lives.

Our Clients Appreciate:

  • Better protection as fiduciaries (owners and committee members)
  • High quality investments and services for employees
  • More efficient working relationships with plan providers
  • Efficiency in overall plan costs
  • A better educated and financially secure workforce.

Let us help you manage your plan to maximize benefits and minimize costs. Contact us at 503-548-2103 and let’s talk about how we can help you.