About Deschutes Investment Consulting

Deschutes Investment Consulting takes our name from a Central Oregon river that cuts a path from the high desert to the mighty Columbia. Like our clients, we are inspired by and appreciative of the beauty of that watercourse. While the waters are sometimes smooth and calm, wise travelers understand that the Deschutes is powerful and her waters often turbulent.
Our clients rely on us when the traveling is easy, and when it’s not. We help guide and direct your plan and your assets as we navigate toward your goals. At Deschutes Investment Consulting, our ultimate goal is to help our clients to and through a secure retirement.

On her determined course toward her ultimate goal, the waters of the Deschutes are not always smooth. Yours won’t be, either. Let us guide you toward your goals – no matter the terrain.

Where We’ve Been… And Where We’re Going

History of Deschutes Investment Consulting

Deschutes Investment Consulting was founded as Deschutes Investment Advisors in 1997. The heart and soul of the firm was—and still is—retirement planning. We have helped hundreds of corporate clients navigate ever-increasing regulatory and technology changes over the years and have helped thousands of employees successfully retire. We expanded with the addition in 2011 of Deschutes Wealth Management to offer holistic planning and support services to our individual clients.

  • 1997Founded as Deschutes Investment Advisors
  • 2011Expanded with addition of Deschutes Wealth Management
  • 2017Currently operate as Deschutes Investment Consulting