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14 Aug

ESG Investing Q&A with PIMCO Investments

You may be hearing a lot about ESG Investing these days, especially in relation to employer 401(k) plans. It is sometimes referred to as Sustainable Investing or Socially Responsible Investing. ESG stands for Environmental Social & Governance. In this video, we chat with Rich Merson of PIMCO investments to explore what ESG means, some of […]

22 Jun

When Markets Crash: Part One

A CNBC headline from February 28, 2020 read: Global stock markets have lost $6 trillion in value in six days. You read that correctly – $6 TRILLION in value. Have you ever wondered what happens to all that money when markets go down in value? The short answer: it simply vanished. Before we dive into […]

18 May

Investment Philosophy for Today and Tomorrow

Hello clients, friends, and investment professionals. There is simply no way of overstating the obvious, that we are all living in a strange new world and business paradigm. It was only three months ago that most of us were booking flights, attending conferences, competing for business, going on vacation, enjoying meals at our favorite restaurants, […]

04 Jan
investment outlook 2019

As we leave 2018 behind…

We originally published these comments in November of last year and they still ring true.  As they say, “this is our story and we’re sticking with it!” As we leave 2018 behind, the much-hyped synchronized global expansion has plateaued, global economic growth has become more uneven, and domestic and international markets have become more volatile. […]

28 Nov
portfolio benchmarks

Is your retirement portfolio keeping up?

As you might expect, during times of increased volatility, we field more questions from clients about whether their portfolios are performing up to par. What is “par” for your portfolio anyway?  The short answer is “it depends.” I often hear people talking about the “market.”  The “market” was up by 500 points or down by […]