30 Jun

When Markets Crash: Part Two

The Economic Impact of Market Recessions Synopsis: The personal savings rate hit a historic 33% in April, (according to) the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. How does the savings rate impact the economy? It is not uncommon for consumers to cut back on spending during recessionary times. Typically fear, uncertainty, or job loss drive these […]

22 Jun

When Markets Crash: Part One

A CNBC headline from February 28, 2020 read: Global stock markets have lost $6 trillion in value in six days. You read that correctly – $6 TRILLION in value. Have you ever wondered what happens to all that money when markets go down in value? The short answer: it simply vanished. Before we dive into […]

18 May

Investment Philosophy for Today and Tomorrow

Hello clients, friends, and investment professionals. There is simply no way of overstating the obvious, that we are all living in a strange new world and business paradigm. It was only three months ago that most of us were booking flights, attending conferences, competing for business, going on vacation, enjoying meals at our favorite restaurants, […]

06 Apr

Debunking the CARES Act for Small Business Owners

Recent legislative and regulatory changes have created a myriad of options for small business owners to find economic help during these unprecedented times. Here at Deschutes, we took the time to interview subject matter experts to cut through the maze of options and provide you the relevant information needed to help your business.

06 Apr

Practical and Tactical Actions for Plans

With recent changes in the retirement plan landscape, we here at Deschutes partnered with the Retirement Learning Center, to provide a video overview for Plan Sponsors. Watch this video for information on the legislative updates, how you as a Plan Sponsor can take action, and what to expect in the coming months.

24 Mar

Worried About a Recession? What to do now.

I’m worried about all the recent bad news and talks of a recession, what should I do? First step, take a deep breath. It is important to recognize that the economic pullback we are experiencing is driven by a health pandemic that will resolve itself over time and not a financial one. Therefore, our first […]

12 Mar

What to do in Times of Uncertainty

For 35 years we have been observers of the stock and bond markets and advisors to our clients. During this period there have been many, many ups and downs in the world’s stock markets. The first, when I personally started in the business, was October 1987. The US stock market suffered its biggest one-day percentage […]

Exciting Changes at Deschutes Investments

We have more reasons to celebrate this month here at Deschutes! We’ve added a Financial Wellness Specialist to our already great participant education team, and one of our key employees has reached a milestone in her career. Phil Sherman, CFP® joined us recently as a Financial Wellness Specialist. Phil works with individual clients and plan participants, […]

Mike Walters Named Partner with New Role

PORTLAND, Ore., June 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Deschutes Investment Consulting proudly announces Mike Walters, a 20-year financial services veteran who has been with Deschutes since 2012, has been named Partner, Director of Business Development. In this role Walters will be spearheading the retirement plan services group’s organic growth initiatives. “The success of this firm has come from our constant […]