The power of perspective.

Our investment philosophy for retirement plans is first and foremost grounded in providing our plan sponsor clients the ability to comply with ERISA in offering participants the opportunity for broad diversification.

We are believers in traditional efficient market theorem which provides that asset class diversification is the key determinant for long term capital preservation and growth.  We concentrate on educating participants on the benefits of a global approach to diversification.  In order to make things simple for them, we provide pre-built asset allocation portfolios that feature excellent performance and extremely low costs.  This approach provides most participants an easy way to capitalize on proven investment management disciplines.

The foundation for the management of your Plan’s investments is the Investment Policy Statement.  We will work with you to develop and refine your investment objectives and take full fiduciary responsibility for adherence to the policy and documentation of key decisions regarding plan investments.

We put the emphasis where it belongs; on global diversification, automatic rebalancing of portfolios, and low expenses.  Our approach acknowledges the fact that most participants don’t understand asset allocation or care that much about how it’s done, they just want to know it is done for them by someone they trust.