Employee Education and Advice

Better ideas for retirement.

We understand the importance and challenges of providing education to plan participants.  In fact we have been on the forefront of developing customized educational solutions for our clients and have taken employee education to its logical conclusion by making financial planning and investment advice accessible to plan participants.

We help employees understand their financial needs and how to accomplish their goals, whether just starting out in their careers, saving for college education, or preparing for retirement.

Employee education is the single biggest differentiator between Deschutes Investment Consulting and our competition.

Most providers of 401(k) plan education offer rudimentary, “off the shelf”, education delivered by newly minted advisors.  By contrast, we utilize a personalized approach to deliver comprehensive financial education to your employees based on their individual needs.

Further, Deschutes employee education and advice is delivered by truly objective advisors with a minimum of ten years of investment experience.